How much is the unit?

A: Appraised value for a regular 2 BR unit is 13.5M
A: Regular 2BR units with elevator 14.5M
A: Discounts vary depending on the downpayment given

Name of the developer?

FSB Land Holdings Inc.

When is the turnover date?

For Phase 1, 24 months

How many buildings? How many floors?

Phase 1, 8 buildings 2 units in every floor with only 4 floors plus roof deck and Phase 2 to be announced soon

What unit types are available for Phase 1?

2 bedroom fully furnished units (48 units)
Penthouse units (8 units)

How many square meters floor area per unit?


How far is the project from White Beach (stations 1, 2 and 3)

Approximately 8km from station 3

Do all buildings have elevators?

Only buildings with penthouse units have elevators (Buildings 1, 2, 7 and 8)

How much can I have the unit rented out?

Php 15k-20k/night depending on the season.

Will you assist us from marketing and getting guests to rent our units out?

Yes, we will advertise you for free and we will affiliate you with all our Online Traveling Agencies worldwide

How much is the sharing between owners and your leasing department?

50/50, against existing and going rates in Boracay which is 30/60 only 30% to the owner